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  • Thanatophobia

    Developed, edited and published by Imaginary Conception.

    Thanatophobia is a survival game in a horrific atmosphere, playable solo or in cooperation with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players. Escape unscathed, don't get caught, there won't be a second chance.


    What software?
    I created this game with the graphics engine, Unreal Engine.
    How long did development take?
    The development of this game took over a year.
    How I learned to make games?
    I learned to create games on my own, I went around the features of the engine. When I was blocking, I was going to inquire on the Web.


    You land in a strange place inhabited by a mad killer, your goal is to get out alive, use clues.

    Each time you start a game you will be in a different place, with a different objective, you will also have a random character with its associated skill.

    Example: Jody can run continuously, the stamina bar never runs out. Adam has the ability to throw cups in order to pull the killer in a specific direction. It has 7 cups that recharge after 35 seconds. Brian throws rocks at the killer, stunning him for 5 seconds. It has 7 stones which will recharge after 35 seconds. Josh can slow down time with his composure for 10 seconds, after this time he will only be usable after 15 seconds.

    Regular new arrivals

    The game can be updated regularly, adding new content such as characters with their associated skills, as well as maps and a new objective. Good luck!

    A service for our players

    For any additional assistance, whether for a question, a suggestion or a bug report, you can contact us by email at two addresses: support@imaginary-conception.com (for secondary use only) or imaginaryconception@gmail.com, which will allow a faster and probably more efficient response than the other.


    Here is the game trailer:

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